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Tremoloco 2014

“Salsipuedes” and “Dulcinea” CD’s available now

2008′s release “Dulcinea” explored the connection between California and Texas using stellar well known roots musicians from both. Check out our info page to see the very special guests we featured on that album.
It’s worth a look, some our all time favorite musicians.

The latest release 2013′s “Salsipuedes” is an album of all new original songs featuring musicians mainly from Los Angeles, a West Coast album to be sure but with some Tremoloco Texas regulars from both Houston and San Antonio. Check out the info page for this one as well.

Produced by David Raven and recorded primarily in California (and Texas). It features a collective of talented men and women both young, upcoming and older well established players all whom have played and/or still play with the band. Theymnhave worked with some of the most respected and well known artists in the world.

We couldn’t completely stay away from the well known respected artists we’ve been known to utilize in the past as two of the new songs feature the guitar playing of the one and only Dave Alvin.
Pretty cool huh!

“Tremoloco live shows have been well received where they’ve wowed fans at places like Les Schwab Amphitheater’s Summer Concert Series in Bend, Oregon, Claremont Folk Festival, Los Feliz Street Festival, Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest and Folk Festival, The Sisters Folk Festival in Oregon, FogFest in San Francisco, The Claremont Folk Music Center, The Full Moon Folk Club-Edmonton, North Country Fair and Ironwood Stage in Alberta Canada and venues from Mississippi to New Orleans to Washington state where they’re loved by old and young alike. They’ve participated in music workshops for kids and adults, played house concerts and hosted roots music TV shows, have done numerous in-store and in-studio radio appearances”.

So browse around, you can listen (lyrics are posted) along with photos, watch our videos, read the reviews and follow links to our other sites. Please leave us a message if you like.

We can’t thank y’all enough for the kind words and support.

Tony, Cougar, Jason, Vatos, Raven, Tovar, Juan, Billy Watts
and of course all the rest of the incredible players who grace us with their talent.