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  1. We’re headed to Oregon in September and will try to get in some Bay Area shows on the run.
    Stay tuned.
    Tony Z

  2. Tony,
    just saw your upcomming tour schedule and we were so sad the SF Bay area was not in there. Please come back.

  3. We saw you June 27 at Nick’s Taste of Texas, and loved the music! (Including your great cover of “Highway 61 Revisited.” What a surprise!)
    Immediately bought your CD on iTunes, and have been listening to it constantly!

    When are you playing again in LA or SoCal?

  4. I saw you open for my friends band Red Meat here in Berkeley, CA.
    It was such an honor, I am telling all of my friends about your new album and wish you all the best and greatest success indeed.
    This band Rocks!


  5. Hey guys! Looking forward to catching you on 4/18 at the Packing House in Claremont!!! (1st time seeing y’all live) – I manage the Edge Of LA Comic Book /Pop Culture Convention, which will also be at the Packing House that day. We’ll be paying homage to comic book artist Ric Estrada that day – so get there early!! (Do you guys cover “La Danse de Mardi Gras”?)

  6. The live shows have been so good. You guys are amazing no matter whether it’s an acoustic show or full electric band. It’s always a good time and I’m so glad to see the schedule filling up for this summer. I’ll definitely make the North Cali shows and I’m headed to Texas too! Looking forward to it.
    Thanks for the music and keep it up.

  7. Dulcinea is one of the few unmitigated masterpieces recorded in the past quarter century. Politicians base careers on maundering about our disparities. Tony Zamora’s Dulcinea affirms how, regardless of what the powers that be would have us believe, we are one on the dance floors of our collective past.

    Stay free,
    Tim Schuller

  8. Tony:
    We love the CD! Tony, you are awesome and we miss you. I am not sure why you are not listed as a friend on my myspace page. I went to email you but you were not there. Ella and I have been enjoying the music. You are still what she always wants to listen and dance to. She thought it was cool to see her name on the cd. I hope that you are well and California is not killing you. I wish you would come to Athens to play. I am not sure why you have not. Is it something that you would do? The music scene in Athens has changed a lot and grown with the times. We could use a little Tony around here! I would put one of your songs on my page but I don’t know how. I am going to ask around about that. I think I am moving south of the border. Don’t know when or where.(Colombia, Costa Rica, or Mexico) I am really happy for you. You should be so proud. I like the music a lot. I always have. Keep in touch and let me know what is up with you.
    Love, Whitney and Ella

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