Tony Zamora – vocal, basses, guitarron, guitars, vihuela, piano
Alex Martinez – guitars, requinto jarocho, jarana, cuatro
John “Vatos” Hernandez – drums, percussion, vocal
Mike Tovar – guitars, tres, cuatro, jarana
Jason Lozano – drums, percussion, vocal
Juan Chacon – dancing, acoustic guitar, requinto romantico, percussion, vocal
Cougar Estrada – drums, percussion

The others include:
Rick Shea, Jeff Ross, Dave Raven, Mario Montes, Brantley Kearns, David Jackson, Ramon Banda, Roberto Rodriguez, Nick Gaitan, Aubrey Richmond, John “Groover” McDuffie, Billy Watts, Paul Cartwright, Raul Rangel. Mark Indictor, Boo Bernstein, Josh Baca, Max Baca, James Cruce


Tony Zamora

Los Angeles, California

Tony Zamora was born to a large musical family in Los Angeles.
Instruments, bands, young musicians and rehearsals were always present as his older siblings were part of the 1960’s East L.A. music scene.
This was the same era that fostered Cannibal and the Headhunters, Little Willie G. & Thee Midniters and Los Lobos among others. These were hometown heroes that found national acclaim and were among the first Latino rockers to find success.
This environment provided an early exposure to music starting with early piano lessons then later playing in the youth orchestra for the Salesian High School Music program in East L.A. developed by renowned teacher Prof. William Taggert.
With an ever-increasing interest in roots, regional folk or ethnic music (especially West Coast music) and a renewed appreciation of Mexican folk music came a period of journeyman sideman work which included everything from Gulf Coast/California/Mexican roots music to Traditional Irish.

Partial list of artists worked with:
Tremoloco, The Lounge Trio w/ Cougar Estrada, Irish folk band The Twilight Lords, Jerry Donahue, Brantley Kearns, The 44’s, Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos, Little Willie G (of Thee Midnighters) and The Close

Lowrider Band (Harold Brown, Lee Oskar original members of War) – along with David Hidalgo wrote songs for Tremoloco’s 2008’s release Dulcinea

Fur Dixon and Steve Werner- played live and on 2010 release “Songs of The Open Road” Volume I

Rick Shea – played in live band and on 2009’s “Shelter Valley Blues”, 2013 release “Sweet Bernardine”

Tremoloco – “Tremoloco Live” EP 2005″ Dulcinea” 2008, “Salsipuedes” 2013

Cougar Estrada – 2007’s release “Firefly” played bass and co-wrote title track

Los Lobos
Played bass on tours in Mexico, New York, Colorado, Texas and California.
October 2008 McCabes Guitars 50th Anniversary Concert, Royce Hall UCLA and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco, Ca. 2007

Shark from The Wild Colonials – played live and on various film soundtracks including: The Wild Colonials album “Reel Life”

Clare Muldaur – Composer, singer songwriter, played in live band and appeared on “Sweetheart” album

Twilight Lords – Irish folk band that toured throughout the West and Southwest including tours in England, Ireland, and Scotland.
Recorded two albums, was co-writer producer/arranger musician on “Women of Ireland” played with artists including Jerry Donahue, Flogging Molly, Gaelic Storm, Mary Black, Paul Brady, Johnny Cunningham, Dillon O’Brian, Eric Rigler and The Mulligans

Delaney Bramlett – Singer/Songwriter performed live and played guitarron on original songs

The Prairie Dogs – country band with Paul Marshall (I See Hawks In L.A.) Paul co/wrote song “Drinking For Two” on the Tremoloco release “Dulcinea” (2008), (Broken Wheel and Mision San Fernando) on the current Tremoloco release “Salsipuedes”.

Vicki Hill – singer/songwriter
Member of live band, played guitarron and sang duet/harmonies on her upcoming release which also includes Van Dyke Parks, Tony Gilkyson, Mike Stinson, Kip Boardman, Greg Leisz, Steve Mugalian, and Greg Boaz from Dave Alvin’s band)

The King Cotton Band
– Texas soul singer who released various recordings and singles with Dusty Wakeman (producer of A Town South of Bakersfield) and Danny Holloway (Island Records).

Walter Egan – Played bass with this artist who had several hits in the late 1970’s-80’s including “Magnet and Steel”, he also contributed songs to the Gram Parsons recording “Grievous Angel”.

The Close – a folk rock band that toured extensively throughout the Southwest and West Coast and released two albums as co-writer and producer. They secured a residency at the club Largo in L.A. played live with: Jon Brion – renowned film composer, producer, member of The Greys and Til Tuesday, The Wild Colonials, Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles and many more…

In 2004 started side project playing a mixture of folk, country and Mexican music with old friends from L.A., a group of like-minded sidemen musicians from Los Angeles. Playing traditional songs and covering people like Valerio Longoria, Texas Tornados, Lydia Mendoza, Trio Los Panchos, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Merle, Gram Parsons, Burrito Bros and others. A labor of love to say the least.

Started performing at various city festivals. concert and club dates including regulars spots at the Cinco De Mayo festival at Olvera Street in Los Angeles. Recorded one EP (now out of print) of songs done live in the studio which was used to procure more work. Reaction to this music was so strong and positive decided to start writing material for a new release.

In 2008 Tremoloco releases debut album of all original material.


Cougar Estrada

Camarillo, California

Becoming a professional musician at the age of 13 playing drums in his father and uncle’s band “The Estrada Brothers” Cougar has been a musician ever since now writing, producing and recording for others as well as releasing several CD’s of his own music which can be found @

As a journeyman musician with the experience and knowledge gained from years in the family business Cougar became well known primarily as a drummer/percussionist with a long list of credits including tours, television appearances and recordings with some of the most respected artists in the business. This includes a decade long stint as touring and recording drummer for Los Lobos 2002-2012 playing live and on all their studio albums, live albums, DVD’s, radio and television appearances (Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Letterman, etc…) a period which culminated in a performance at The White House for President Barack Obama.

Having grown up around music and the ever present piano his latest project finds him emerging as pianist and band leader with his own group “The Lounge Trio”.

Credits as a pianist:
Conga Punk’s “Music’s Genre Defiance”, Spencer The Gardener’s releases “Lulu” and “Fiesta”, Los Lobos “Los Lobos Goes Disney”, Latin Playboys live shows, Rick Shea “Shelter Valley Blues”, Camarillo Social Club ”Let’s”, Tremoloco’s releases “Dulcinea” (which he also produced) and their latest “Salsipuedes” in September 2012

Venues The Lounge Trio have performed:
Hartford Family Winery, Forestville Ca., Cafe 322 Sierra Madre, Ca., The Maxwell House Pasadena, Ca. The Hip Kitty Claremont, Ca., Tequilapalooza, Garagiste Healdsburg and Mateos in Healdsburg, Ca., The Poor House Bistro San Jose, Ca. Fogfest @ Pacifica Beach San Francisco, Ca and San Gabriel Mission among others


Johnny “Vatos” Hernandez

Los Angeles, California

Started playing drums in middle school. First band was called the “Adventures” all “Ventures” music. Through High School played everything, Dance Band, and Jazz were favorites. Friday morning Pep Bands, chamber orchestra, school plays.

Started early road career at seven-teen with the USO. By nineteen could read music, played in big bands, (LACC Studio Jazz band, Si Zetner Big Band) and pit orchestras.

Played with the “Helen Reddy Band”, Frankie Avalon, Petula Clark, Keith Carradine. While playing with as guest host Helen did the “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. Played with the Doc Severinson Band while Ed Shaunessey looked on saying, “Yea kid, alright kid” it was a real highlight!

With Steve Bartek hired to play on bizarre film called the “The Forbidden Zone”, Danny Elfman’s first film.
Asked to join “The Mystic Nights of the Oingo Boingo”. The early band was a full multi media extravaganza, complete with costume changes, Gamelan music, West African balaphone music and bizarre film interludes. After two years of that we dropped all the props and became “Oingo Boingo”.

While in Boingo I had a side project called “Food For Feet” around ’83 or ’84. A power house rock trio with Mike Tovar and John Avila. Like three tornados in the room at once!

Started working with Tito Larriva of “The Plugz”, asked to work on the “Culture Clash TV Show”. 1995 joined “Tito and Tarantula”. The band was featured in Quenton Tarentino’s “From Dusk till Dawn” Re

Worked with composers, Jason Johnson (TV Commercials) Steve Bartek (Movies / Relative) Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galatica), “The Closet Surfers” (Surf) The Esquires (30’s & 40’s swing)
Tremoloco (Tex-Mex), CID (blues, funk, & rock), Doug and the Mystics.
Crrently working for the “Drum Channel”, Battlestar Galatica” concert group. The BSG plans to travel through 2010.

Rick Shea cut his teeth in the bars and honky-tonks of San Bernardino where he grew up. An evocative singer and an accomplished guitarist Shea is equally at home with an acoustic guitar or his worn old Telecaster.

Shea’s songs reflect the folk, country, rock and Mexican influences he grew up with, as a songwriter he says he lets the songs find their own settings. On his songwriting influences Shea says, “Merle Haggard cast a long shadow when I was younger, but since then Dave Alvin, Jim Ringer and a lot of other music has found its way in.”

Rick’s latest album, Sweet Bernardine, his ninth, is a collection of Shea’s own stories and stories of California and beyond. The arrangements are spare and simple, based on acoustic guitar, bass, accordion, mandolin and drums with brushes, but Shea does pull out the telecaster for a few. “San Bernardino is where I grew up and although we moved around a lot up to that time, it still feels more like what I would call home.”

A multi-instrumentalist, Shea moves easily from guitar to mandolin. His shows at the Ashgrove and McCabe’s in L.A. and at the Kuumbwa and Palookaville in Santa Cruz have been powerful performances, often featuring the brilliant playing and singing of fiddler Brantley Kearns.

Rick first came to national attention on the Town South of Bakersfield compilation which also featured Dwight Yoakum and Lucinda Williams.

The L.A. Times called Shea’s 1995 release, The Buffalo Show, a, “splendid,” collection of, “Cajun, Mexican, Rock, and Folk influences,” and it was #3 in the Times Year End Top Ten.

The L.A. weekly said it was, “…one of the strongest local releases in years,” and called Shea, “a staunchly independent artist who represents the best of California’s country legacy.”

The Buffalo Show reached #24 on the Gavin Americana Charts, and The Gavin Report called it, “a stark and moving musical journey through a vivid world…”

Shea has played shows with Peter Rowan, Los Lobos, Tim O’Brien, Katy Moffat, Chris Gaffney and Tremoloco He still works with Dave Alvin most recently on Dave Alvin’s “Roots on the Rails” train trips this year featuring DAVE ALVIN, PHIL ALVIN, JOHN DOE, DAVID OLNEY, JON LANGFORD, EILEN JEWELL and RICK SHEA